Pisa – The Luminaria di San Ranieri – The Thousandlights for San Ranieri – 16 June 2014

Pisa‘s well worth a visit in June. Apart from its artistic treasures that are famous all over the world, it offers visitors a large number of folklore and popular events that are certainly not to be missed.

The Luminaria di S. Ranieri is a very spectacular event that takes place on 16th June in honour of St Ranieri, the patron saint of the city. It comprises a spectacular illumination of the Arno embankments (between Ponte della Cittadella and Ponte alla Fortezza) achieved thanks to the flickering light of a good 80,000 wax candles placed inside glasses called „lampanini“, fixed on a white board called „biancheria“, and placed at the windows and doors of the buildings creating a suggestive and fascinating play of light. At the same time, the surface of the Arno is crowded with floating lights that the current transports slowly in the dark, increasing the suggestion. The event reaches its climax at about 11.00 in the evening with the fireworks display from Cittadella Vecchia.

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